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Opening of Scott Wheeler Annex

Nepean Food Services celebrated the opening of its new Scott Wheeler Annex which includes a freezer and packing room.

We wish to thank The Hon. Tanya Davies MP for supporting us with a Community Building Partnership Program Grant and Penrith City Council for our new facility which will allow our service to grow into the future.

There is a steadily growing need for our services that include Meals on Wheels and social support with Penrith’s population rapidly ageing. By 2021 the number of Penrith residents aged over 65 years will nearly double to 24,128 people or 11.5% of Penrith’s population. Penrith’s growing ageing population will also experience the challenges associated with increasing frailty, including mobility issues, hearing loss and vision impairment. Our increased capacity will assist Nepean Food Services and Penrith City Council in the common goal to support older people to remain living independently in their own homes.

We are now also a registered provider for NDIS, allowing us to provide enjoyable and nutritious meals to people with a permanent and significant disability. There are approximately 36,000 residents identified as living with a disability in our City, including over 11,000 with a profound or severe disability who need assistance with daily activities.

The expansion of our new packing room will boost our capacity to respond to the growing needs of our community and help us to contribute to council’s goal to be a Local Government leader with regard to access and inclusion, and to include people with a disability in community places, programs and events.

Joining us in our May opening ceremony will be The Hon.Tanya Davies MP and Mayor of Penrith John Thain.

Our new facility was built by Coverit Building Group. We can highly recommend their working practices and the finished annex is something to be proud of.

Ellen Pearce

May 22 2018

n.b.Scott Wheeler was Chairman of the Management Committee from 2013 - 2016 and worked hard to achieve his vision of growing Nepean Food Services into becoming an important hub that could service not only our own community but could also offer support to other Meals on Wheels providers and associated community services. His inspirational style opened the way for great improvements. He was a modern thinker and a great supporter of younger people who were trying to make a positive difference in our community.

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