Q. Who Is Eligible To Receive Services From Nepean Food Services?

A. Nepean Food Services is an organisation that delivers nutritious meal options to older people and people living with disabilities. In addition, meal options are available to people who have special needs. Some examples are:

  • People from a culturally and linguistically diverse background

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

  • People with dementia

  • People living in remote or isolated areas

  • People who are veterans, including war widows and widowers


To receive this service, you must live in the Penrith Local Government Area and the Warragamba or Silverdale areas. 

Q. How do I start meal deliveries?

A. Call our Regentville office on (02) 4733 7200 or call to arrange an appointment on site. For further information, please read 'Become a Client'.

Q. Your Organisation is titled 'Nepean Food Services', but aren't you Meals On Wheels?

A. We are a member of the Meals On Wheels Association and we provide a Meals on Wheels service. It is the main service we provide. We also provide other services regarding food and therefore have a name that incorporates this.

Q. Do you have a standard menu?

A. We have too many meal varieties to include in a standard menu due to a constantly updating variety. We receive meals from multiple quality suppliers that change in variety depending on season, supply of ingredients and popularity. We offer flexibility around your likes, dislikes and preferences. We take information on any allergies/ingredients/types of meals that suit or don't suit you, and provide the best meals around these requests.

Q. What types of food do you have available?

A. We have a vast range of modern and traditional main meals, mini main meals, desserts, snack meals such as soups, pies, sausage rolls, omelettes, pasties, depending on the season and supply. Our main meals include chicken, beef, fish, lamb and pork as well as vegetarian with many varieties of each. We also provide meals for other preferences. Visit our meal listing.


Q. Other than meals, what other services do you provide?

A. We have a 'Let's Dine Out' service that allows eligible people to purchase vouchers for $8 each for $12 restaurant, club, pub and cafe meals. (See 'Services'.) We have centre-based events at Regentville Hall, Warragamba Cottage and Londonderry on a regular basis. (See 'Services'.) We provide bulk meals to other eligible organisations to provide choice and variety to their customers. (See 'Regional Distribution Project'.) 

Q. Do I have to order a certain amount of meals on a regular basis. Am I locked into a commitment for a period of time?

A. No. We are a flexible service that aims to suit your needs. You can order a regular amount of meals per week or you can order meals when required. If you need to change your amount, delivery day or wish to suspend whilst you are away, this is easily organised by a phone call, allowing 2 business days notice.

Q. Do I have to set up the service by myself or can a family member/friend/professional set it up for me?

A. A family member/friend or professional can set up the service for you with your consent. All details will be verified with you when our Client Liaison Officer comes to visit you at your home within 3 weeks of starting the service.

Q. How long do I have to wait before receiving services?   


A. Once we take your referral, we can begin services within 1-2 days.

Q. How can I pay for meals or services?

A. You can pay by direct debit, cheque, BPAY or money order; this can be paid by yourself or a consenting family member, and is organised by phone or at the Client Liaison visit. We also accept EFTPOS over the phone. Please note: public access to office is currently restricted as a precaution during COVID19.

Q. How do I heat the meals?

A. Each meal comes with instructions on how to cook in the microwave. Meals can also be cooked in the oven. If you do not own a microwave, call the office and we can arrange the use of one in your home.

Q. Can anyone be organised to help cook/prepare the meal?

A. Yes. If the person receiving meals requires assistance to heat up the meals and prepare for it, we can organise a volunteer to assist in that process.

Q. Do you supply culturally diverse meals?

A. Yes. We source a large variety of meals that are traditionally suited to different cultures! We have positive feedback from people enjoying the meals from different cultural backgrounds. We invite you to contact us and give them a try as an individual or group.

Q. What happens if a volunteer notices anything of concern when delivering meals?

A. We are an ethical organisation who cares about our clients. If a volunteer notices anything of concern or a client does not answer the door, we notify an emergency contact. E.g. An excess of meals in freezer, any unusual behaviour from a person, etc. If concerns are serious, our Client Liaison Officer can assist in recommendations of other services for consideration.

Q. I only have a small freezer. Can I have more than one delivery a week?

A. Yes. We deliver Monday to Friday each week.

Q. Do you need volunteers? How do I become a volunteer?

A. We appreciate the invaluable work our volunteers do. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the office on 4733 7200. We will discuss the areas you may like to contribute in and organise training for you. Any time you give is appreciated. (See 'Volunteering'.)

For any other questions, please contact us today.